Metal Injection Mold Cast

We’re specialized in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die casting mold and trimming die making for Hydrogen Conversions.

The main philosophy for management and business, is to devote resources to manufacture new Hydrogen conversion molds with a high quality,

precision and operational life.

Whilst providing the best service and resources for our customers.

Metal Mold Service

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Our capabilities

 injection Mold Wax and Metals ,Milling

Surface finishing • Lead times from 5 days

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We can deal with surface treatments including anodizing, black oxide, powder coating, high polishing and electroplating.


To ensure critical dimensions, we import our machines from the United States and Japan. The tolerance we can make is 0.00 ~ 0.01mm. Our engineers are experienced and can provide OEM services and provide some advice when you need it.


Our employees are well trained and follow ISO standards. choose us. We will exceed your expectations. So if there is anything we can do or any further information you need, please don't hesitate to contact us

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Available materials for Mold & CNC machining

Here is a list of our standard Mold & CNC machining materials 


Mold  Metals

Aluminum Stainless steel Mild, Alloy & Tool steel Other metal

6061-T6303Mild steel 1018Brass C360

6082304Mild steel 1045Copper C101

7075-T6316LMild steel A36Copper C110

50832205 Duplex Alloy steel 4140Titanium Grade 1

505217-4Alloy steel 4340Titanium Grade 2

201415-5Tool steel O1Invar

2017416Tool Steel A2Inconel 718

6063420Tool Steel A3Magnesium AZ31B

7050430Tool Steel D2

A380440CTool Steel S7

MIC 6301Tool Steel H13

CNC Plastics

Plastics Reinforced Plastic

ABS Garolite G-10

Polypropylene Polypropylene (PP) 30%GF

Nylon 6Nylon 30%GF

Delrin (POM-H)FR4

Acetal (POM-C)






PTFE (Teflon)


1. Zirconia Ceramic Parameters

Zirconia ceramics is a new type of ceramics, which are mainly divided into three types:

  • magnesium stabilized zirconia ceramics (Mg-ZrO2)

  • cerium stabilized zirconia(ZrO2 + CeO)

  • yttrium stabilized zirconia (YSZ)

2.Alumina Ceramic Parameters

3.Silicon Nitride Ceramic

4.ZTA Toughened Ceramic

  • Zirconia Ceramic Parameters

  • 99.99 Alumina ceramic

  • 99.9 Alumina ceramic

  • 99.7 Alumina ceramic

  • 99.5 Alumina ceramic

  • 99 Alumina ceramic

  • 97 Alumina ceramic

  • 95 Alumina ceramic

  • Silicon nitride ceramic

  • ZTA toughened ceramic

Ceramic Cnc Axis Machining.jpg
Ceramic Cnc Axis Machining 1.jpg

Quality Assurance

  • ISO9001 certified Manufacturing Partners on request

  • Inspection report included in every order. Full dimensional inspection reports on request

  • Material certifications and test reports available on request

  • Batch inspection in concurrence with ISO2859

  • Strict NDA agreements with all Manufacturing Partners

  • Manufacturing Partner performance tracking on lead time and quality

5-axis high precision cold-rolled CNC ma
Medical screw processing.png
5-axis high precision cold-rolled CNC machined aluminum box, aluminum ring polished anodized.
Medical screw processing
Multi-axis machining.png
Multi-axis machining
Stainless steel metal processing.png
Stainless Steel Multi-axis machining
CNC machined brass turned parts.png
CNC machined brass turned parts
Stainless steel metal processing 1.png
Stainless steel metal processing